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Vision / Values

Our Vision is to Bring God's Kingdom to our World by Discipling People in the Way of Jesus.

Our Values can best be expressed in three parts: UP, IN, and OUT.

UP - Loving & Listening
to Our God 

UP represents our relationship with God. This is expressed when we gather together to worship through singing, teaching of scripture, prayer and Communion. Our relationship with God is also expressed in our daily lives as we honor God in all our actions.

IN - Loving & Caring
for Each Other 

IN represents our relationships with each other. It is about moving from a place of isolation to being connected in an authentic community. This is expressed as we live our lives together in Devotion, in Service and in Love as Families on Mission.

OUT - Loving & Serving
our Community 

OUT represents our relationship with our Community. Our community is filled with people having both spoken and unspoken needs. Our goal as a church is to go out and build relationships with people in order to discover their needs. We believe that the building of relationships and helping those in need is building a bridge that Jesus can walk over.

4900 State Route 123
Franklin, Ohio 45005

937-746-6569 P · 937-790-1036 F

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