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8 things parents need to know about our ministry. 

1.  Parents, you are the primary Discipler of your Teen.
As you know, we are an influence, not the influence. We're only directly involved in your 
sons'/daughters' lives for five years; you're directly involved for a lifetime. You have the greater authority and responsibility. Thus, we want to assist you, bless you, encourage you, and share in the journey with you.

2.  When/Where/How Much?
For anything that might be going on with the youth group, it's best to ask your students to make sure they know. We’ll pass out fliers, send out emails, texts, and so on, and we know very little gets retained or gets to you—so ask to make sure they know. If all else fails, call or email us.

3.  We are not here to simply entertain your youth.
Yes we will do some wild, crazy, and absolutely ridiculous things with them—but our primary goal is to provide multiple opportunities where they can be influenced by God.

4.  Verify anything your teenager tells you.
Sometimes students can exaggerate or edit things on their own terms. If you hear something that sounds appalling or troubling, always call us and verify the story. (For example, "One of the Youth Leaders was beating me up," when in fact all 15 guys were having a wrestling match in the Youth Center. BUT, we can assure you that that won’t happen.)

5.  We want to listen.
We do not want to put up walls of pride, self-defense, excuses, and justifications. We want honest communication with you parents so it’s always a team effort. So share with us, please! 

6.  Building the youth group is an unhurried, relational process.
It takes a few years to build consistency, trust, communication, and individual growth.  We don’t want any youth left behind, ignored, or put off to the side.  So understand this so that no hurried expectations get in the way.

7.  Involvement is a key element in this ministry.
We would love to see your students developing and using their gifts to further God’s Kingdom. Encourage your teenager both to attend and be involved.

8.  Take following Jesus seriously.
He is more interested in you and your children than you are.  Open yourself to the strength he provides in Jesus Christ.

Parent’s, we are committing to serve with you in the ministering to your child. We know that God will work in and through Vineyard Youth and that He has some amazing things in store for all of us to learn. We will continue to strive in serving the Lord by teaching truths through scripture, fellowship, and discipleship. There is no greater voice in the life of a teenager than that of a parent, and we are truly thankful for the small part you allow us to play in their lives.

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